At Dry First, our experienced technicians are trained to remove the toughest stains to clean and maintain your carpet and upholstery. By utilizing the most advanced technology to restore your carpet and upholstery we can get the most life out of your carpet, we ensure the most effective and safest solution for your cleaning needs. Following our services, you will notice a substantial difference in the look of your essayghostwriter berlincarpet and your furniture as well as how long they will continue to stay clean.

Dry First utilizes a hot water extraction method, more commonly known as steam cleaning, that provides the best capability for restoring your carpets. Using our truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment, the process consists of applying a cleaning agent directly into the carpet, while using a hot water extractor to clean out the solution and soil. Our carpet and upholstery care professionals will perform the following:

  • Our technicians will inspect the areas to be cleaned with the customer.
  • We move light furnishings to reach spots that need to be cleaned
  • Areas to be cleaned are pretreated and agitated.
  • The carpet is steam-cleaned using the hot water extraction method.
  • All furnishings are put back in their place.
  • Carpet pile is set.
  • Deodorizer is applied, followed by a protectant if desired by the customer.

Every carpet is unique, which is why we do a complete analysis of your carpet to provide you with the best solution to restore your carpet. Using the same method to clean your carpet, restoring your furniture becomes a breeze. If you have a more delicate fabric, our technicians can help you make a decision that best suits your needs and your furniture. Once your furniture is pre-treated, we will clean a section to see how well the fabric responds to the cleaning, and will continue with the approval of the customer.

Along with carpet cleaning services, we also offer carpet care and repair services that include:

  • Cigarette burn repairs
  • Red stain removal
  • Restretching of carpet to remove wrinkles
  • Repairing of transition areas (from carpet to tile or other floor coverings)
  • Threshold repair or replacement
  • Patching permanent stains or pet damaged areas
  • Minor bleach repair

For your carpet and your furniture, we also recommend a deodorizer and protectant to help extend the life of your investment. Most fabric sprays and scented candles only mask odors and don’t eliminate them at the source. Our technicians deodorize your carpet at their source so you are left with clean carpet and freshly scented furniture. Protectant applied to your carpet and furniture helps improve resistance and makes vacuuming and cleaning up spills much easier.

You can trust Dry First to get the job done right the first time around. There’s nothing better than freshly cleaned carpets and furniture. Not only can you save money by protecting your carpet and upholstery, but you will also have a much more healthy and clean indoor environment. Our goal is to leave our customers with a positive service experience and 100% satisfaction with our carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

By calling Dry First, we can restore and renew your carpet and upholstery. Our services are always here to assist you with carpet and upholstery services so that you don’t have to deal with renting machines or using cheap cleaning materials. Call Dry First at (813) 662-3544 for quick-response services so that we can begin restoring your carpet and upholstery as soon as possible.

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