mold-damage-remediationIf you have mold damage or think you have mold damage call Dry First! We are mold damage and mold remediation experts serving the greater Tampa and Brandon Area.

Mold growth and mildew are a serious concern when you encounter them inside essayghostwriter berlin your home. Though mold is everywhere in nature, excessive amounts of mold could cause hazardous health concerns for you and your family. To address the issue and to properly conduct mold removal, it’s important that you call Dry First, the Tampa mold remediation and removal specialists. Whether you’re experiencing a small leak or a more serious moisture issue, any type of water damage can create mold in as little as 48 hours.

According to the EPA, health risks of excessive mold exposure can range from allergic reactions and asthma to more severe health concerns for people with pre-existing health conditions. Dry First has a Florida licensed mold remediator on staff that has a 100% first inspection success rate for post-remediation inspections. When you spot any signs of mold, acting quickly is essential. When you contact our Tampa mold remediation specialists, we set up a protocol for remediation and clearance testing to make sure your home has been properly remediated. We perform the following:

  • Demolition is the first step in getting rid of mold issues. Some materials are cleaned, while others must be discarded.
  • Our technicians utilize a micro-cleaning method with HEPA vacuuming and damp wiping, a tedious and detailed part of the remediation process that is done numerous times from top to bottom.
  • While the micro-cleaning is taking place, an air-scrubber will be constantly running to filter out microscopic particles from the air, including many species of mold spores.
  • Our state licensed mold assessor will conduct clearance testing to assure that we have adequately cleaned the work area to industry standards. Samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Our experienced team will develop a plan of action that is tailored to your needs to ensure mold is permanently removed from your home or business. In some cases, you may not even realize that your home has been affected by mold unless you have experienced water damage issues. A few signs that might indicate that your home has been affected by mold include:

  • If you have moisture issues in your home, it’s almost inevitable that it will lead to mold. This can be indicated by water stains, and discoloration on the walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Cracking, bubbling and warping of floors, walls and paint can indicate a moisture problem or possible leak, which can encourage mold growth.
  • Visible signs of mold growth are obvious, but spots that you may mistake as dirt could be mold.
  • Another sign of mold includes musty odors.
  • Increased sickness or allergies can be a result of high levels of mold in your home.

Immediate response is the key to reducing the harmful effects of mold inside your home. Walls, ceilings, furniture, floors and even insulation are at risk for mold growth, which is why you should call our experts at the first sign of mold and water damage.

Our Tampa mold remediation professionals are trained to find, assess and eliminate mold before if destroys your home. It’s important to rely on a company who will respond immediately to your mold growth issues to reduce any of the potential negative effects caused by mold growth. By calling Dry First following a water event, you can greatly decrease the probability of mold growing within your home. Our 24 hour emergency services are always on call to assist you so that you don’t have to wait to begin the mold remediation and removal process. Call our 24-hour emergency service at (813) 662-3544 for quick-response services that can eliminate mold from your home or business as quickly as possible.

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