Tile and grout cleaning can be an aggravating task, especially when dirt settles on the tiles and deep into the grout lines. Cleaning methods must go beyond the typical mopping and scrubbing, which is where our tile and grout cleaning specialists at Dry First come in. Our trained technicians inspect the areas that need to be cleaned and determine the best treatment process and cleaning agent to get the job done right. Our deep cleaning essayghostwriting method helps restore the luster to your floors, making them look their best again.

So what makes it so difficult to get your floors to look their best again? Over time, dirt and grime build up on top of the tiles and within the grout, making your floors look dull and discolored. This grimy build-up can also be notorious for breeding bacteria and germs. Since store-bought cleaners only clean the surface, you are still left with dirt settled in hard to reach areas. Our tile and grout cleaning specialists perform the following to get your floors looking their best again:

  • Tile and grout are pre-treated with tile cleaning solution.
  • Our team will move furnishings as needed.
  • Grout lines are scrubbed to get rid of excess dirt and grime.
  • We use the same high-powered truck-mounted equipment that is used to clean carpet.
  • If the customer desires, grout may be sealed for future protection against spills and staining.

Deep cleaning is necessary when you want your old tile to sparkle again. Our tile and grout cleaning process uses a high-pressure, hot water system and vacuum combination to remove the dirt and grime that over-the-counter products cannot. The hot water system also leaves your floors sanitized and healthy for your family and pets.

With a finishing sealant, you can protect grout from mildew and staining; since grout is a porous material that absorbs spills and dirt, a sealant will create a protective barrier that resists those spills from absorbing right away, allowing you time to clean up before it stains. To further protect your sealed grout and to ensure lasting beauty, keep these tips in mind when it comes to tile and grout cleaning:

  • Don’t use bleach or harsh chemicals that could break down protectants. Instead, use a neutral cleaner.
  • Make sure to vacuum or sweep before mopping to avoid dirt from spreading and settling.
  • Continually rinse the mop to avoid spreading dirt and contaminants.
  • Clean spills quickly to avoid discoloration or staining.

Don’t make tile and grout cleaning more difficult than it already is. Our team can handle cleaning any surfaces that mopping and scrubbing can’t, from bathroom tiles and kitchen floors, to outdoor patios and high traffic areas. You can even save money on the expense of replacing tiles or grout when you utilize our deep cleaning tile and grout services.

Our tile and grout restoration services allow you to reduce the need for future maintenance and is also an affordable alternative to replacing your floors. At Dry First, we will bring back life to your tile no matter what type of material they are made from. We can achieve amazing results using our self-contained system designed specifically to extract dirt and grime and to power wash your floors.

Our services are here to return your floors back to their fresh look the way they once were when they were installed. Stop dealing with cleaning materials that don’t penetrate the surface, and call Dry First for professional tile and grout cleaning services that eliminate stubborn stains, grime and bacteria. Call Dry First today at (813) 662-3544 to renew and restore your floors and to ensure long lasting protection.

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